Lost Web Blog

To accompany the personal testimonials of the museum, this blog will be updated with contextual overviews of the different elements and events central to the web.

Pre-Web Internet

It might surprise you to learn that the Web is a completely different entity than the Internet. The web runs on top of the internet as its technological backbone. "Internet" is used to refer to the decentralized installation of networks that grew out of the government-commissioned ARPANET in ... read more

Pioneers of Online

The web, the internet, and the general networked experience is so pervasive today that it is counterintuitive to most digital natives to closely examine the history of their everyday devices and services. But like any technology, the networked world has its own pioneers, inventors, and instigators. Here's an overview of ... read more


What is hypertext? The main difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web lies in the Web’s use of hypertext. A Web link is hypertext, weaving hypertext documents (web pages) together, and making the user able to follow associative connections via clicking on those links. The first hypertext-like sy... read more

The Lost Web Lives

Why is the web being lost, and how do we save it? The easily editable nature of the Web, combined with the massive amounts of information changed each day, makes it nearly impossible to keep track of every single byte of information. Earlier hypertext systems solved the problems of link ... read more